Топливные модули

Объем 3000-15000 л
ЖидкостьDiesel Дизель 
  • Compact petrol installation for the diesel storage and (own consumption) supply to vehicles, heatings, forwarders, agricultural cooperatives, ...
  • Constructed and assembled following the general criteria of the Petrol Installation Regulations and the MI-IP03 / IP04 Complementary Technical Instruction (Rule)
Double wall KIT-3000 without pumping kit 808401003

Dim. (approx.): 3.010x1.850xØ1.350 мм

Weight (approx.): 477 кг

Double wall KIT-5000 without pumping kit 808401004

Dim. (approx.): 3.010x2.042xØ1.650 мм

Weight (approx.): 852 кг

Double wall KIT-10000 without pumping kit 808401007

Dim. (approx.): 4.570x2.400xØ1.900 мм

Weight (approx.): 1.410 кг

Double wall KIT-15000 without pumping kit 808401008

Dim. (approx.): 6.570x2.400xØ1.900 мм

Weight (approx.): 1.940 кг


1. Double wall tank
  • Double wall steel tank of horizontal cylindrical shaft for its aerial installation, manufactured under UNE rules:

UNE 62.351-2 capacity up to 3.000 litres

UNE 62.350-2 capacity higher than 3.000 litres

  • Equipped with: welded support legs, manifold in manhole and diver tube
  • Air vent valve set 400mm
  • 1" suction set with foot valve with filter and cut valve
  • Vk-80 3" brass charging hole with chain in the cover
  • External level slide
  • Mechanical valve that limits the overfilling. It is installed on tanks upper than 3.000 litres
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Electric frame

2. Chassis against impacts

  • Metallic structure that protects againts impacts the tank, it has a stair to access to the manhole with non-slip flat and security rail (in tanks upper than 3.000 litres)
  • Extinguisher
  • Support to hang the hose


Optional accessories

  • There is the option of assembling some additional elments to the kit or modifying those that it has at customer’s request. So you can use it for what you want, whenever it is under the applicable petrol installation regulations
  • It also can be assembled other pumping kits with different flows 50/80/150l/min, more or less meters of delivery hose, different types of nozzles and filtering elements
  • Possibility of assembling supply controllers or fuel supply kits instead of pumping kits
  • FG-2 filter (5 micron with water decanter)
  • Adjustable anti-siphon valve